Ike Kanakanui is a songwriter first and foremost. If you’ve seen one of Ike’s shows you’ve probably seen him improvise a song (or three) mixed among originals and a few covers. He creates each song using a technique called live-looping – a process of building the song by layering live-recorded elements using an array of instruments. It’s not uncommon to hear flutes, harmonicas, shakers, claves, melodica, didgeridoo or a trumpet on his tunes. 

At 18, Ike joined the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit of the United States Navy. After several near-death experiences in Iraq, he decided instead to pursue his passion for music (and develop a new one – sailing) aboard a Cal 39 sailboat named The Freedom Boat. Charting a course through the Caribbean from Key West, Florida, he began playing music for and with locals wherever he went. In 2013, he settled in Puerto Rico where he lived until The Freedom Boat sank in Hurricane Maria. He currently resides and plays in Key West.

Ike is a Hawaii-born, global-grown musician with musical influences spanning basically every known genre. His travels and experiences with other cultures and musicians have led Ike to develop a truly unique, engaging, and entertaining style. He feels grateful every day to be able to share his passion with those around him along this journey called life.